version 8.5.3 change log - April 04, 2018


Supermodel3 emulator settings screen was not centered in the desktop

The "Select" button for "BGFX Shadow Mask" file was not implemented

Calling "set emulator default settings" from "Arcade Emulators Setup" was not passing the correct emulator filename parameter, resulting in bogus "full_path\emu_cfg_filename.ini" and causing frontend to crash when saving emu default settings


Enabled "Save to File" button in madExcept settings (bug report crash dialog)

Send bug report will no longer zip the .txt; .png files (madExcept)

version 8.5.2 change log - April 02, 2018


"Image Category Settings" bug fixes (left-overs from old code)
- "Select" category was disabled and its folder selections was never saved on exit
- zipped images cache wasn't rebuilt on exit while in multiple images layouts, causing selected game images to not load

Frontend crash if you try to use "Select" image category

Auditing multiple selected games was not working if any of them use device or bios sets

Wrong system selected in "single system selection" mode (Arcade system selection dialog)


Preview images panel color/splitter settings moved from "EmuLoader.ini" to "\ini_files\image_category.ini"; no more losing image splitter settings on a fresh install

You can select scan mode and software list build mode when using "Create MAME Software Games List" in main menu "Arcade"


Customize "preview images hint box" appearance (Preferences screen, "Images" tab)
- the hint box shows up when hovering the mouse on top on images panel
- box background color, box frame color and visibility, text color, text shadow color and visibility
- box opacity level (255 is opaque, 0 is transparent)
- settings saved in "\ini_files\image_category.ini" file to avoid loss on a clean install
- new setting "Show Unzipped/Zipped Icon" that display an "image icon" for unzipped images and "zip icon" for zipped images
  (easier to spot if the loaded image is unzipped or zipped when hovering the mouse on top of it)

Moved "Update Favorites Profiles" from main menu to "Help" sub-menu since its usefulness has passed; but if you're late into the frontend party, it's still available

version 8.5.1 change log - March 29, 2018


OH NO! Software lists were not audited after creating games lists in "update" mode


Removed a couple "[.zip; .7z]" strings from the splash screen's messages when auditing MAME/HBMAME games since it include CHD files, which are not zipped

version 8.5 change log - March 28, 2018


Bios/device ROMs showing as "Parent Bios" / "Parent Device" in game sets ("Arcade Scan Results" screen)

Message panel not showing up when applying quick systems filter in grouped view mode

MAME software list games not audited correctly if set has no main "" file but have CHD files

Setting "MAMU_ Icons Folder" was not saved in .ini file when closing "Preferences" screen

TEdit was in read-only mode; you can rename files in "Rename Image" dialog again

Background color of single image layout was not restored at startup and not set after closing "Image Category Settings" screen

Create ZiNc games list was setting bios ROMs as "parent ROM" on games sets


File "\arcade\image_categories.ini" renamed to "\arcade\sysimagefolders_arcade.ini" (done at startup)

Image category background color/visibility settings moved out of "EmuLoader.ini" into a new "\ini_files\image_category.ini" file (done at startup)
- from now on, file is updated only when you change settings in "Image Category Settings" screen
- settings are no longer lost on a frontend crash or clean install

Image layout visibility settings moved out of "EmuLoader.ini" into "\ini_files\screenshot_layouts.ini", where they belong (done at startup)
- from now on, file is updated only when you change settings in "Image Layout Settings" screen
- settings are no longer lost on a frontend crash or clean install

Changes and fixes to "Game Details" screen
- CHD files of software list games were not correctly detected, "software name" parameter was missing
- added "extra required set" info for software list games
- bios set filename not shown in "Game Files" section (left panel)
- several tweaks

Tweaks to "Create MAME Games List"

Changes/fixes to "MAME Software List Games"
- detection of "sharedfeat requirement" tags in .xml files when creating games lists; highly experimental!
  - some games require an extra set to run properly; Atari 2600 cassette, PC-Engine CD, others (info shown in "Game Details" screen)
  - if a game doesn't run and you're sure you have all game files, look for this extra info above the "Games Files" section, left panel
  - requirement data stored in a new "arcade\games\mame.elsoftlistreq" file
  - the extra parameter is added before the gamename parameter
- expanded options to create software lists (new "update" mode)
  - "Disable": do not create software lists and delete current games list files
  - "Enable: Update": create new lists and update existing ones only if CRC32 checksum of "mamedir\hash\softwarename.xml" file has changed (XML file updated)
  - "Enable: Overwrite": create new lists and overwrite existing ones even if CRC32 checksum match
  NOTE: settings can be found in the screen to select systems when creating MAME games list and in "Scan Games Mode" screen
- new "xmlfile_crc32" entry in "frontenddir\arcade\mame_softwarelist_games\softname.el" to compare with MAME "softname.xml" (for "update" mode only)

Interface changes to Select Arcade System" dialog
- added new software list modes
- systems list moved to a left panel
- option "For This Task Only" is unchecked by default
- info texts improved

Changes to "Arcade Miscellaneous Filters" (main tool bar buttons)
- renamed "Device" drop-down list to "Device ROMs" since this filter is not exclusive to device sets
- renamed "BIOS" drop-down list do "BIOS ROMs" since this filter is not exclusive to bios sets
- renamed texts from "Sets" to "ROMs" in "Device ROMs" and "Bios ROMs" drop-down filters since they are related to particular ROMs, not the entire set
- renamed "Filter by Main CPU Filter" to "Enable Main CPU Filter Bar"
- renamed "Games with ROMs (any set)" to "Games With ROMs (any ROM)" in "Game ROMs" drop-down list since this filter includes device/bios ROMs
- renamed "Games with no ROMs" to "Games With no ROMs/CHDs" in "Game ROMs" drop-down list to reflect what the filter actually does
- new category filter "Music" for sets like "VGM Player" (vgmplay)
- minor interface tweaks

Renamed several "function" code blocks to "procedure" since they don't need to return a result

Minor interface tweaks to Preferences screen, and removal of texts with "7 pixel" font size

If screen resolution is smaller than the dialog, scroll bars will be added to the TForm so you can see everything (experimental!)
- for screen resolutions smaller than 1280x1024 and because some dialogs just can't be scaled down
- supported dialogs: "MAME Settings", "Game Details"
NOTE: minimum screen resolution for Emu Loader is 1024x768 / 1280x720 but some dialogs still fit on 640x480 resolution


Masssive source code cleanup (commented/not used code)


Search .chd files in "\softlist_name\" sub-folder for MAME software lists

Support to search .chd file in "\parent_gamename\" sub-folder; MAME supports this; "romspath\parent_gamename\clonename_file.chd"
- now you can have clone CHD files in the parent folder
- for MAME arcade, MAME software list, Demul

New file "arcade\filters\supermodelsegamodel3_control_type.ini"
- a list of control tags and descriptions, extracted from Supermodel3 source code
- for now, it only show controls list in "Game Details" screen; not used anywhere else

File header detection for "Atari 800" cartridges before running games (highy experimental, used by all Atari800 emulators, except MAME)
- the first 4 bytes of file will be read, looking for 'C' 'A' 'R' 'T'
- if tag is found, Emu Loader will no longer add the cartridge type in the full command line
- any file extension is supported for unzipped game files
- for zipped game files, Emu Loader will unzip it to a TMemoryStream and validate the tag; only ".bin; .car; .rom" file extensions are supported
  (if there's more than one file inside .zip, the first one found with any of the 3 supported extensions will be used)

HBMAME Software List support, to be used in the distant future, in a galaxy far, far way... what works:
- create games list
- audit games files
- show softlist games in main games list
- run games
- for everything else, they are handled as MAME softlist games (for now)

Setting "Restore Internet Game Info at Startup", to restore the last state of internet game info button at startup ("Preferences" screen, "General" tab)

Setting "Disable Threaded Preview Image Loading" in "Preferences" screen / "Images" page, to prevent images loading delay and "Invalid pointer operation" error

Support for MAME 0.196
- new comm setting: "Syncronize Frames" in "Input" tab