version 2.7.7 change log - November 21, 2017


Favorite game tag was not detected in "Last Played Games" (MRU) dialog

Could not delete games from favorites lists and hidden lists


Arcade game entries detection in favorites profiles (from Emu Loader), so they don't get deleted when using "Cleanse" in "Favorites Manager"

version 2.7.6 change log - October 28, 2017


Some internal vars were not initializing corretly ("Emulators Setup" screen)

Select a game in "Last Played Games (MRU)" was not exiting the MRU dialog, forcing you to click "Abort" button


Last played games file format changed; "(game)" tag replaced by "(file)" tag"

Favorites profile changes:
- game entry format changed to add "media type" info
- filename extension changed from .ini to .txt since they are plain text files, either in ANSI or UTF-8 format - added a "Update Favorites Profiles" main menu so you can manually update all your fav profiles (EmuCon doesn't do that automatically)
- this change is required to keep compatibility with Emu Loader v8.3

File format of "hidden games list" has changed, but it will not be updated by the frontend; current games listed in "hiddengames.ini" will be lost


Support for a new media type: "Hard Disk Drive"
- used by MSX, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Apple II, Apple II GS
- you can load HDD images now...
- new emulator parameters added to "emulator_parameters[default].ini" file
- you must select games folders were your HDD images are and make sure to not mix with another media type (cart, floppy, CD...)
- this is a basic feature; your HDD images must be bootable for it to work

version 2.7.5 change log - February 28, 2017


Minor fixes and optimizations in the source code


Game image preview changes:
- compatibility with MAME emulator and Emu Loader frontend
- zipped filename renamed from "" to "" ("Box Art" image category title remains); I forgot to do this in EmuCon v2.7.4
- support for image category sub-folder when searching unzipped images so you can have "" in your "snapdir\" path and unzipped images in "snapdir\snap\" sub-folder (same behavior as MAME):
- if folder of image category is emtpy (undefined), category entry in "sysimagefolders.ini" file is saved anyway
- file "sysimagefolders.ini" is no longer deleted when writing settings into it, to prevent deleting entries required by Emu Loader frontend
- you can use .zip files in each image category folder (;;; you don't have to put all .zip files in the "game snap" folder


Compatibility between EmuCon frontend and Emu Loader frontend; use same config .ini files, favorites files, games lists (for future upgrade)

version 2.7.4 change log - December 29, 2016


Moved disc metadata file extensions from the EmuCon's internal list to "ignore_extensions.txt" so you can add .cue files in the games list

You are allowed to add zipped disc images (CD/DVD/LD...) as games when creating games lists. Note that Emucon will NOT unzip files before loading games in emulators!!! This is a job for the emulator...

Renamed image categories entries in "sysimagefolders.ini" to be the same as MAME entries: "titles_directory", "snapshot_directory", "covers_directory"
... EmuCon will attempt to update the file without loosing your selected images folders, but I recommend you backup this file before using this frontend version

version 2.7.3 change log - December 01, 2016


Frontend crash if you clear all the entries in "Delete Selected Games" dialog


No more gradient selection bar on games lists, and any other list that uses EasyListView; single color is enough

Load preview images with threads enabled by default... toggle button no longer available in images tool bar

Small modification to TFontDialog component to allow custom colors selection (first color in colors list); it's not perfect but it works

Video preview search sub-folder renamed from "videosnap" to "videosnaps"

Tweaks, tweaks... tweaks


Setting "Selected Game Dark Font" no longer needed; font is always in black color on selected games (preferences screen)

Removed the "ding" sound if you press ENTER key in the select folder dialog


"Reset Parameter to Default" buttons in Emulators Setup screen
- one reset button for each media type, above parameter edit boxes (cartridge, disc, floppy, cassette)
- parameters are reloaded from "emulator_parameters[default].ini", but only if the parameter for the selected emulator is found
- the only way to revert to previous user parameters after the reset is the "Abort" button and close the Setup Emulators dialog

New custom hint box for images panel that doesn't disappear after 4 seconds (mouse hover over image)

Support for Mednafen v0.9.39.2
- support ".m3u" CD metadata files to properly load multiple CD games; this file extension is scanned before .cue extension
- only disc images are supported by the emulator (no more physical discs loading)
- updated parameters of all systems; none of them were working ("emucondir\emulators_parameters[default].ini")
- removed all -physcd entries since they are no longer supported
- minimum emulator supported is now v0.9.39.2; older builds can still be used but you'll need to use the correct emulator parameters

version 2.7.2 change log - October 30, 2016


Select a media player and reset parameters buttons were not working; video preview, preferences screen

version 2.7.1 change log - October 18, 2016


Proper detection of PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP image types, to fix frontend freezes and crashes (unzipped and zipped)

Thumbnails view mode was unstable and bugged
- system icons were not always loading
- added "Small (16x16)" system icon size
- created a system icons array; they are all loaded before activating thumbnails view mode (faster and safer)
- new setting "Alpha Blended Icons" to show the system/favorite icons without the white border (enabled by default)
- added support to display JPG files
- increased minimum thumb size to 152 pixels
- when no snapshot is loaded, a 128x128 icon is displayed instead of the 48x48 icon size
- UNFIXABLE bug: if you change games font (name/size), the thumbnail cell size doesn't update correctly; only a frontend restart fixes it

Filter icon filename for "Amstrad CPC" was wrong, preventing from load the tool bar icon

MAME description in changed to just "MAME" (file "emulator_parameters[default].ini")


Updated all system icons so they can be visible in dark backgrounds; also created 68x68 and 128x128 sizes

Delete selected games UI tweaks

Feature "Select Emulators to Play" (tool bar button "Emulators"):
- added "Apply" / "Abort" button so you can cancel changes
- increased screen size to fit long strings
- changed view mode to "tiles" to show custom fonts for each emulator
- added emulator filename with full path for each emulator
- settings are saved to "sysemulators.ini" when closing the screen (on "Apply" button click) to preserve changes in case of frontend crash


New security setting: Disable "Delete Seleted Games"; to prevent kiddies from deleting your games files (preferences screen, "Games List" tab)
NOTE: this setting is enabled by default; to delete your game files you must uncheck the new setting

version 2.7 change log - September 29, 2016


EmuCon was unable to detect the presence of games list files at startup ("emucondir\games\"); the old files with ".ec" extesion were being searched instead of the new ".txt" extesion

Removed size constraints from the images panel to fix weird behavior (main screen)

Moving main games list splitter was not updating the info texts in "Image Layout Dimensions" window

Image resampler was initializing twice at startup

Frontend crash due to a bug in the images panel update code; most noticeable in WinXP

Virtual drive mount/unmount parameters gets corrupted if you don't have a virtual drive executable selected (Emulators Setup screen)

Games popup menu appearing if you call it while no game is selected... mouse right-click on an empty space

Multi-floppy disk dialog selection was appearing for MSX games; blueMSX has its own internal v-DRIVE feature to swap multiple floppy disk games

All Atari system icons had 1 pixel cutoff from the bottom text ("\ec_icons\" folder)


EmuCon games list files format has changed a little bit... again; to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes and reduce file sizes
- end tags (/file) and (/size) replaced by /)
- EmuCon will try to update your current games list; if fails and or EmuCon keeps crashing, you must delete files in "emucondir\games\" folder and re-create games list for all systems

Times played/total playtime files format changed to fix problems with Unicode filenames and to keep in sync with Emu Loader changes ("emucondir\played_games\")
- replaced the ¬ char by ;
- end tag (/file) replaced by /)

You can switch between different favorites profiles while favorites filter is enabled (main tool bar button); all other favorites functions are disabled!

From now on, when a game is re-selected (filter change, view mode change, etc...), it will always appear in the middle of the list (vertically); it's easier to find this way

Tweaks in "Run Game Confirmation Dialog" (main menu) and messages dialogs
- default font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9
- games list version info and emulator version info texts merged into one line to reduce dialog height and to avoid waste of space
- removed some redundant texts to avoid confusion
- renamed "Run Game" button to "Execute"

Games list column header "Media Type" renamed to "Media"

Changes and updates to the video preview feature
- new "experimental" setting: "Play Dummy Video to Stop Current Playback" in preferences screen; play a short video to stop current video playing if you select a new game that have no video to play
  (also executed before starting a game and exiting the frontend)
- new file "images\novideo.avi"
- minor optimizations to the CallPlayVideoPreview() function

Replaced the weird "Segoe UI Semibold" font by "Segoe UI"

File 'videopreview.ini' is not available in the distribution pack anymore. It will be generated at startup if not found. This is to prevent overwriting your current video preview settings when updating the frontend

Changes and fixes to the custom games list font (preferences screen)
- font settings are now saved on a separate file called "sysgamecustomfont.ini", so you don't lose the settings on a fresh frontend install
- clicking "Default" system font button was resetting the fonts of all systems instead of just the selected system
- if a system have custom font, its text will be displayed in red
- if a system have custom font and it's the same as the default font ("All Systems"), it will not be saved in the .ini file when closing preferences screen

Replaced the THashedStringList array to only one var when loading "Played/Playtime" info into games list; each system used its own var, wasting RAM

User interface tweaks:
- Minimum screen resolutions supported: 1024x768 (4:3) / 1366x768 (16:9) / 1280x720 (16:9) 1280x720 some controls are resized/ relocated to fit this resolution
- a few forms auto-resize to fit more text if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
- font size increased on some screens if screen resolution is 1920x1080 or higher
- form "Emulators Setup" reorganized for easier parameters reading/editing
- preparations to support 4K resolution (3840x2160)

Menu items "Play with Emulator #" are now hidden if they have no emulator assigned to them (games popup menu)... experimental

Menu item "Delete Image" is now hidden if game's image is zipped... cannot be deleted (images popup menu)... experimental

Changes/improvements to Last Played Games (MRU)
- a new "Total Playtime" column (playtime and times played); only for 1280x720 and higher resolutions
- favorite icon added to the MRU list
- if Windows desktop resolution is 1280x720, the MRU form self-adjust to fit all data
- Games count text added for each selected system... for easier tracking
- system filtering was a little bit off, showing games of wrong systems
- speed tweaks
- games list font changed to "Segoe UI" size 9; for better Unicode support


Image effect "Scale 2x" is no more (main menu "Images" / "Resampler")


Second parameter "-tg16" added to PC Engine to run games with MESS (-tg16) as some games do not run with -pce parameter

New setting: "Splitter Color" for the images layout splitters; they're not bound by the images panel background color anymore (preferences screen, 'Images' tab)

New setting: "Allow Only One Instance"; prevent multiple instances of the frontend running at the same time (preferences screen)

New library "SynFastWideString.pas"; better handling of WideString vars; this libary is a lot faster than WideString var from Delphi 7, and use FastMM v4 improved RAM manager

New feature "Multiline Captions": enable it to show "two line" captions; 32x32 and 48x48 icons only (preferences screen)

Support for MAME since it can load non-arcade games (MAME v0.162 and newer)

File 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' updated with MAME entries and many redundant entries removed since EmuCon does approximate filename searches

Games list status bar color customization (preferences screen)

Games list/images panel splitter customization (preferences screen)

Games list last column sorted is now restored at startup

Two new systems:
- Nintendo Wii U: emulator supported - CEMU
- Nintendo 3DS: emulator supported - Citra

Added a thumbnails view mode; experimental feature!
- access only via main menu "Games List View Mode" (there is no tool bar button)
- unzipped and zipped images are supported (.png; .jpg)
- unicode filenames only with unzipped images
- images panel is disabled/hidden while in thumbnails view
- game snapshots only
- change thumb settings in "Games List View Mode" / "Thumbnail Settings" in main menu or games popup menu
- view favorite icon in thumbs; enable "Show Favorite Icon in Games" in Favorites tool bar button or in thumbnails "Settings" dialog
- view system icon in thumbs; enable "Show System Icon" in "Thumbnail Settings" (main menu)
- new file "emucondir\images\favicon_thumbnail.png"
- threaded feature; the more cores your CPU has, the faster images will load

version 2.6.2 change log - September 29, 2014


Unicode image filenames were not loading/deleting. For now, EmuCon will use the DOS name to load/delete image files

version 2.6.1 change log - September 27, 2014


App crash when adding/removing games to/from custom favorites profiles

Hidden games filter was not restoring on restart

version 2.6 change log - September 27, 2014


I forgot to set the natural sorting to mount multiple floppy lists (1, 2, 3.., 10,11)... it was 1, 10, 11, 2, 3

Reselect a game after game filters change was not actually selecting anything and sometimes causing the frontend to crash

Systems list sorting was a little off
- Commodore 64 should be listed before Commodore 128
- Game Boy Color should be listed after Game Boy and before Game Boy Advance
- Atari 400/800/XL should be listed before Atari 2600
- 3DO was showing before "All Systems"

Some functions were executing multiple times in the same task, specially at frontend startup

Game not executing when "Play With Associated Application" option is selected (games popup menu)

Index out of bounds / access denied errors after manual create games list if using zipped images

Zipped images fixes/changes/optimizations from Emu Loader

Icon for batch files ".cmd" not showing correctly (visual bug only)

Emulator settings loading twice in Emulators Setup screen when selecting a system or emulator filenames

Select emulators tool bar button would always leave one system out of the list

Updated PPSSPP parameter to exit with ESC key from "--escapeexitsemu" to "--escape-exit" (required for new builds)

Reselect last game was not working if you have two games of different media types but same game title


Documentation files updated

Extensive improvements to 'emulator_parameters.ini' handling (most changes/tweaks for Emulators Setup screen)
- file 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' is now part of the frontend and CANNOT BE DELETED OR MODIFIED, or vital frontend features will malfuncion!!! (do NOT edit this file)
- if emulator parameters are not found in 'emulator_parameters.ini', they are read from 'emulator_parameters[default].ini' (Emulators Setup screen and when running games)
- no need to keep unused emulator entries in 'emulator_parameters.ini' anymore
- unused emulator entries is NOT auto-deleted by EmuCon, no current data is lost in your file
- no need to overwrite your 'emulator_parameters.ini' file on new EmuCon builds anymore
- emulators titles are no longer available in 'emulator_parameters.ini'; they are parsed directly from 'emulator_parameters[default].ini'
- section [Emulator Title] is auto-deleted from 'emulator_parameters.ini' file every time you open Emulators Setup screen; to keep file clean

Split/tweaked an important function into smaller functions to prevent executing them multiple times in the same task

New folder selection dialog (no Unicode support)

Buttons are back to normal size and font format

Replaced game size string generator by a more accurate function (from Emu Loader)

Preferences screen redesign

Updates to main menu/popup menu drawing functions
- smaller height for "Play With Emulator #n" menu items if emulator is not bein used (emtpy)
- each item in the same menu can have a different height
- games popup menu can have icons of different sizes; 24x24 for "Play With Emulator #n" ; 16x16 for "Add to Favorites" (experimental)
- grayscale icons on disabled menu items (experimental)
- changes/fixes/tweaks from Emu Loader
- extra minor tweaks

Function uMain.ELV_SelectItem() adapted to search 'Item.Caption' in lists other than main games list (EasyListView)

Function uMain.RunProcess() updated to include tweaks from Emu Loader and to support CreateProcessW() API for Unicode handling

All date/time strings are now in 24 hours format (no more AM/PM)

Replaced all message boxes by EmuCon's custom message box... because I'm sick and tired of the 'bling' sound every time a msgbox pops up

Custom message box updated
- used by all messages in the frontend
- dynamic height according to text length and screen resolution
- interface tweaks
- URL detection; click on URLs now possible, using default internet browser
- Generic messages show a generic icon
- Top bar color turns red on fatal error messages (experimental)

Last played games UI optimizations

A lot of source code optimizations. I hope I didn't break anything

Splash screen replaced by a regular opaque screen

Setting 'Run Game Confirmation Dialog' is now disabled by default

EmuCon games database files have changed due to Unicode support
- files are updated by the frontend at startup, you don't have to do anything. Backup copies are created in 'emucon_dir\games\backup\' folder in case something goes wrong, or if you need the old database for some reason...
- files now have a .txt extension insted of .ec
- there is no title entries anymore; they are the same as filenames (no custom game titles support)


File 'mru.ini' is obsolete and won't be used anymore
- last played games info stored in 'emucon_dir\played_games\system_name.ini' files and they use game filenames, not game titles like older EmuCon builds
- contents of your mru.ini cannot be transfered to new files

Tiles view mode is gone. Only details view is available from now on

File 'ec_extras.ini' no longer required


Core update: Unicode game filenames support
- Unicode filenames detection when searching files
- show Unicode texts in games list
- emulator folders, game folders, emulator filenames file extensions must still be in ANSI format
- favorites profile title and filename must still be in ANSI format (might change in the far future)
- not all emulators can run Unicode filenames from the command line, specially from their config files
- feature 'Run With Associated Application' cannot read Unicode strings from Windows registry (Delphi 7 limitation)
- run game confirmation dialog does not show Unicode texts in the RichEdit control (Delphi 7 limitation) :(
- the following emulators do NOT support Unicode (tested by me):
  - MESS / UME (no Unicode filenames in command line for any system)
  - WinVICE (Commodore 64, 128, VIC-20)
  - Kegs32 / GSport (Apple IIGS)
  - WinAPE (Amstrad CPC)
  - AppleWin / JACE (Apple II)
  - Atari800 / Atari800Win Plus / Atari++ (Atari 800)
  - Bsnes / higan v0.94 / Zsnes (Super Nintendo)
  - puNES / RockNES (Nintendo 8-bit)
  - JPCSP: JAVA PSP Emulator (Sony PSP) - zipped image files cannot have Unicode names; they must be unzipped (ZipForge + Delphi 7 limitation)
- several new WideString functions were added to the source code to handle Unicode strings (uCommon.pas)
- The following emulators can load Unicode files from command line (tested by me):
  - WinUAE / FS-UAE (Amiga)
  - PPSSPP latest svn builds September 2014+ (Sony PSP)
  - Dolphin Emulator (Nintendo Wii and GameCube)
  - Altirra (Atari 800)
  - Snes9x latest builds (June 2014+) / higan v0.93 (Super Nintendo)
  - Nestopia Undead Edition (Nintendo 8-bit)

Support 2K / 4K standard cartridge mappers (type 57 and 58) for Atari 800 emulators "Altirra", "Atari800", "Atari++"

puNES Emulator support:

Favorites lists, ported from Emu Loader
- profiles are stored in new 'emucon_dir\favorites\' folder
- system_IDs must have leading zeros (valid IDs from 001 to 063)
- Unicode filenames are encripted with Delphi 7's Utf8Encode() function (only ANSI strings allowed in fav files)
- add/remove games to/from favorites list using games popup menu (mouse right-click) or with hotkeys Shift+F / Shift+D
- show only favorites filter; new favorites tool bar button
- create as many favorites profiles as you want with the favorites manager (favorites tool bar button)
- profile titles and filenames MUST be ANSI format (no Unicode names... at least for now)
- profile title entry MUST be placed at the top ('favorite_title=your_fav_title')
- setting "Show Favorite Icon In Games" (favorites tool bar button) to show a small fav icon in each game tagged as favorite; useful when Favorites filter is disabled

New "Show Games Status Bar" setting, enabled by default (main menu "View"); uncheck it to hide the bar

Menu item "Select Random Game" in games popup menu, if the tool bar button is not visible

Main tool bar buttons improvements (main menu "View" / "Tool Bar Buttons")
- small tool bar save some space
- customize tool bar; to hide buttons you don't wanna see, including the search bar

New games filter "Hide Games", disabled by default; hide games the main filters cannot; MESS/UME bios sets ?
- add/remove games to/from hidden games list using games popup menu (mouse right-click) or with hotkeys Shift+H / Shift+R
- enable/disable hidden games with the new filter button in main tool bar buttons
- remove games from hidden list with games popup menu
- filter "Show Hidden Games Only" in the new filter button so you can remove games from hidden list easier
- only one list can be created, no multiple profiles
- new 'hiddengames.ini' file

Play a video preview of your games using a media player of your choice (external player)
- settings located in preferences screen, 'Video Preview' tag
- auto-search feature (EmuCon exclusive): search for video/audio files in 'Game Snapshot' folder without the need to select a folder for video files ('snap_dir\' and 'snap_dir\videosnap\' folders)
- any video/audio format can be used; limited only by the media player your using and/or codecs installed in Windows
- any media player that load files from command line can be used, but this feature was coded for/works best with 'Media Player Classic Home Cinema'

New game data:
- 'Times Played', 'Last Played' and 'Playtime' game columns
- info stored in a new folder '\played_games\'; each system have its own file
- recent played games are always moved to the top of the list
- file format is 'GameFilenameMediaType IsUnicode TimesPlayed¬PlayedDateTime¬TotalPlayTime'
- Last played info is also shown in 'Last 25 Played Games' screen
- these files replace the now obsolete 'mru.ini'

Games sorting routine is now using an undocumented Windows API called "StrCmpLogicalW", for a more natural sorting (like Windows Explorer does)

New setting "Disable Natural Sorting (1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 20)" (preferences screen)
- for the purists that want to enjoy the full ASCII sort glory (1, 10, 11, 2, 20, 3)
- sort disks for multiple games loading still use natural sorting

Delete Selected Games (games popup menu). Delete games from the list and/or the actual game files. Recycle bin is not supported!
Select one or more games to delete. A list of all games will be shown so you can remove games from that list and confirm the operation

Modify image layouts; assign an image category to the panel you want
- only the current layout can be edited... for easier and quicker usage
- you cannot hide panels; pointless as there are only 3 categories
- single image layout cannot be modified. Image category is always 'game snapshot'
- access in images popup menu or layout selection button in images tool bar button: 'Change Layout Settings'
- data saved in 'screenshot_layouts.ini'

Customize images panel background color and splitters; preferences screen, 'Images' tab
- only one bkcolor for all images categories
- splitters color is not customizable, it's the same as the panel color
- splitters 'mouse hover' color can be customized; to work with the new bkcolor setting
- splitter style 'Office 2007 Luna' removed; only solid single color is supported from now on

Load multiple floppy disks improved:
- new multi-floppy dialog so you can change the disks order before loading the emulator
- Read .rtf files in 'docs\special_rules\' folder to more details and for supported emulators

version 2.5.2 change log - August 26, 2013


Random button was not clearing current games selection(s) before selecting the new game









version 2.5.1 change log - August 08, 2013


Application crash when calling games popup menu after sorting games list with a column other than game title (Super Nintendo only)
I simply forgot to update the columns sorting feature to be the same as Emu Loader

Last selected game was not visible after sorting games list









version 2.5 change log - August 06, 2013


FATALITY! If you wanted to clear a emulator parameter, EmuCon was not updating "emulator_parameters.ini" (Emulator Setup screen). I just found out about this due to the 2nd parameter feature...
Also, some entries were not being added in this file for systems with disc images

Error message when trying to run a game mounted on virtual drive and EmuCon's boot parameter is empty

Application crash on startup due to a "System ID" detection error and after creating a games list manually

FATALITY! Detecting games in .zip files was adding unnecessarily games to list when there was more files inside the .zip. Game title is now shown correctly, same as the .zip file (without the extension)
Also, the file size info is now sown correctly in games list. This is the right way to do it... mostly

Added a 5 milliseconds delay when loading each image panel to minimize application crashes (only when using threads)
This only happens if you scroll the games list holding down the UP or DOWN arrow keys and only with large image files

Status window flashes when creating games for multiple systems at once

Internal .zip lists not being reinitialized after changing images folders settings

Emulator partial name detection was not working if emulator filename have spaces (emulators setup screen)


Minimum resolution changed to 1024x768 or 1280x720 or 1280x800. EmuCon is built for high res computer monitors and this is 2013, not the 80's...

Command line parameters support for batch files (.bat; .cmd). Required for "Java PSP Emulator" but it can be used by other systems as well

Massive update to "emulator_parameters.ini"
 - a few emulators have different filenames new/changed command line parameters
 - added correct parameters for nullDC (Dreamcast system). Emulator version supported: "nullDC_104_r136"
 - added correct parameters for Demul emulator (Dreamcast system)
 - added Mednafen emulator entries for all supported systems (based on build v0.9.28 WIP Win32)
 - a bunch of MESS system names were wrong, specially Atari 2600 / 5200 / 7800  - added support for MESS/UME emulators on all supported systems
 - added new media types and new emulators
 - EmuCon uses default filenames for all emulators. If you have a custom filename, EmuCon might not parse emulator info in emulators setup screen

Feature "Load Disc Parameter" renamed to "Boot Disc Parameter". Easier to understand. To be used with mounted disc images on virtual drive

Games folders info is now separated into different lists, each one according to its media type. Also, folders list were moved into its own file "sysgamefolders.ini". From now on, you MUST separate your games in different main folders according to their media type  Important notes:
 - your current folders settings will be transfered from EmuCon.ini automatically in the first frontend run
 - do NOT mix games from different medias in the same folder tree or EmuCon will not be able to handle them properly
 - if you are not sure what media types a certain system uses, open the "Games Folders Settings" screen. Unsupported media types are grayed out...
 - for Atari 400/800/XL emulators, place both "cartridge" AND "executable" files in cartridges media type. This is REQUIRED by EmuCon to work properly!!!

Emulator executables info is now separated into its own "sysemulators.ini" file. This is a precaution to prevent from loosing all selected emulators of each system. Until now, this was being updated every time you quit EmuCon... I know I've lost all my selections countless times during this huge update!!! :_((
- your current emulator selections will be transfered from EmuCon.ini automatically in the first frontend run
- this file is only updated in emulators setup screen, and only if the "OK" button is clicked
- prefered emulator to play (from 1 to 4) and parameter index (1 or 2) are also stored in the new file

Images folders info is now separated into its own "sysimagefolders.ini" file. This file is only updated if clicking the "OK" button in the images folders setup screen. A precaution to prevent data loss...

Playstation system support only CDs images from now on (no more homebrew and/or .exe files)

All emulators info and parameters are loaded into RAM (Emulators Setup screen). This is needed so "emulator_parameters.ini" can be updated correctly. The memory footprint is negligible

Frontend icons updated. Tool bar buttons have only 44x40 sized icons


Cartridge size info changed to integer values. No more cart size of "16.2 Kbits"

You can now select multiple systems to create games list for more than one system at once (main menu "Create Games List")
Also, a new confirmation dialog with expanded options (only when "Create a New List" checkbox is selected)

Corrected Gameboy system name to "Game Boy"... how could I've not seen it ?
You will need to setup all Game Boy systems in EmuCon again (emulator filenames, games folders, game snap folders)
... or you could manually rename all "Gameboy" sections entries in EmuCon.ini to "Game Boy" BEFORE starting this new build

All disc image files are used regardless of their format or file extensions. It's up to you to sort your games correctly

Unnecessary folder validations when creating games lists

Games popup menu. If there is no emulator filename selected, it displays a "(empty)" text so you know there is nothing to use. It also show the emulator icon now :)

Emulator title is filled automatically when selecting a new emulator file ("Emulators Setup" screen). Parsed from "emulator_parameters.ini" file, "[Emulator Title]" section
It might not work in some cases...

Games list was being loaded multiple times when creating games list for multiple systems at once (startup or manually)
The entire list is loaded once at the end, after all systems were processed


Real CDs no longer supported (CD/DVD/other medias). Only disc image files are supported from now on
The following media types (and their icons) are also removed: 'CD-ROM', 'GD-ROM', 'DVD-ROM', 'Mini DVD-ROM', 'Laserdisc (LD)'

Number of discs info removed from the project. No longer needed

Bold font style setting is no more (preferences). Useless...


You now have four (4) emulators per system to choose from!!!

New documents folder with special rules for a few systems: "docs\special_rules\". Also, a menu item to view these docs in EmuCon: "View Usage Rules" (main menu and games popup menu). I SUGGEST YOU READ THESE DOCS!!!

New folder "game_cfg" with custom game settings for some computer emulators:
 - Amiga (single disk and multi-disk games): WinUAE (.uae) and FS-UAE (.fs-uae) config files
 - Commodore 64 / 128 / VIC-20 (multi-disk games only): flip list files for disk swap feature (WinVICE emulator only)
No other system use this folder. Read special rules document for more details

Recursive folders scanning (create games list and play games). From now on, only the main folder is needed. If you have games on sub-folders, EmuCon will scan them automatically :)
Do not mix games of different media types in the same folder tree

Support for 7-Zip format. Download 7z.dll and place it in same folder as EmuCon.exe... you can use the same DLL from latest Emu Loader

Added official support for Elby Virtual CloneDrive and Alcohol 120% in emulator_parameters.ini. Each util have their own mount/unmount parameters :)
The virtual drive selection in emulators setup screen is updated, including the "Help" button. You also see an application icon there

Added the emulator icon (32x32) next to the emulator executable text box... eye-candy but it looks nice (emulators setup screen) :)

Expanded the following systems... for the purists:
 - "Game Boy" split in 3: "Game Boy", "Game Boy Color" and "Super Game Boy"
 - "WonderSwan" split in 2: "WonderSwan" and "WonderSwan Color"
 - "Neo-Geo Pocket" split in 2: "Neo-Geo Pocket" and "Neo-Geo Pocket Color"
 - "Atari Jaguar" split in 2: "Atari Jaguar" and "Atari Jaguar CD"

  Separate your games files into their proper folders to avoid mixing games. You can still have games from the split systems combined into one, like it was before

New media types: "Floppy Disk" and "Cassette Tape". For "Famicom Disk System" and computer systems like "MSX", "Amiga", "Commodore 64" and "Atari ST"

New tool bar button: "Use .cue" (enabled by default). This feature execute/mount ".cue", ".toc", ".mds" or ".ccd" metadata files instead of the actual disc images. If not found, the disc image file is used. Some emulators require this for proper emulation
You can enable "Run Game Confirmation Dialog" in main menu for a visual confirmation

Added a second parameter for each media type (Emulators Setup screen). You can choose between 2 parameters to play games using the same emulator (main tool bar buttons). This is an optional feature
 - this feature was added for some computer emulators. For the majority of emulators you don't need this
 - Amiga system is one that have the 2nd parameter set to load games that required the "AGA" chipset, using a Amiga 1200 machine
 - file "emulator_parameters.ini" updated with entries for 2nd parameters. They are all empty and optional.
  cartriges: ROM and ROM2
  disk images:ISO and ISO2
  boot disc (virtual drive): DISC and DISC2
  floppy disks: FLOPPY and FLOPPY2
  cassette tapes: CASSETTE and CASSETTE2
Important Note: EACH media type in the same system can use a different parameter. Cartridge can use parameter 1 while floppy can use parameter 2. The selections are saved/restored on a frontend restart

New console system: Sega Saturn. Disc images only. Supported emulators: "SSF", "Yabause", "MESS"/"UME"
Important notes:
- The "SSF" emulator can only boot images mounted on a virtual drive, it does not load images directly. There's no need to insert command line parameters in "Emulator Setup" screen either
- Yabause emulator however can load images or boot from virtual drive
Configure both emulators before using them with EmuCon. Also, please always use Yabause v0.9.12 or newer for best compatibility with EmuCon

New console system: 3DO Interactive Entertainment. Only disc images are supported. Supported emulator: "4DO", "MESS"/"UME"

New console system: Amiga CD32. Supported emulators: "FS-UAE", "WinUAE", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - FS-UAE and WinUAE emulators cannot load games thru .cue metadata files. They only load with the atual CD image. Just unckeck the ".cue" button in main tool bar buttons  - Avoid the NTSC option or games might not boot

New console system: Virtual Boy. Supported emulators: "Mednafen" and "MESS"/"UME"

New console system: NEC PC-FX. Split from the PC Engine system into its own. Supported emulators: "Mednafen", "Magic-Engine FX", "Ootake", "MESS"/"UME"

New console system: Famicom Disk System. Supported emulators: "Nestopia" and "MESS"

New computer system: Commodore 64. Supported emulators: "WinVICE", "CCS64", "Hoxs64", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - Only WinVICE emulator accept multiple disks loading (disk swap), thru its flip list feature
Select all disks of the same game and hit ENTER key. EmuCon creates the flip list file automatically. Read "docs\special_rules\Commodore 64.rtf" file for more details

New computer systems: Commodore 128 and Commodore VIC-20. Supported emulators: "WinVICE", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - Multiple disk games rule is the same as Commodore 64 (WinVICE emulator only thru flip list files)

New computer system: MSX / MSX2 / MSX2+ / MSX Turbo-R. Supported emulators: "blueMSX", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - floppy disk parameters have the "SCC+" cartridge always inserted in slot1. Do NOT remove it (blueMSX)
 - MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ use the "MSX2+" machine since it's NTSC (60Hz / 60 fps), the FM-PAC sound chip is integrated and to be honest, even MSX1 games run better on the MSX2+ hardware
 - to use the blueMSX's Virtual Disk feature (v-disk), either all disks of the same game must be zipped into a SINGLE .zip file, or they must all be unzipped. Read blueMSX documentation for more info

New computer system: Commodore Amiga. Supported emulators: "FS-UAE", "WinUAE", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - The default machine used by EmuCon is Amiga 500 (emulator default machine) since it's compatible with the majority of Amiga games
 - EmuCon's floppy disk parameter 2 uses the Amiga 1200 configuration for games that need the AGA chipset. Select which parameter you want to use in main tool bar buttons
 - Amiga CDTV games are supported with CD images
 - To load games with multiple floppy disks, EmuCon use emulator's floppy swap feature. Select all disks of the same game and hit ENTER key, or create a custom FS-UAE/WinUAE settings file. Read "docs\special_rules\Amiga.rtf" file for more details "AND" FS-UAE/WinUAE documentation
 - Avoid the NTSC option or games might not boot

New computer system: Atari ST. Supported emulators: "Steem SSE 3.5", "Hatari", "MESS"/"UME"

New computer system: ZX Spectrum. Supported emulators: "Spectaculator", "FUSE - Free Unix Spectrum Emulator", "Z80Stelth", "Speccy", "MESS/UME"

New computer system: Sega SC-3000. Supported emulators: blueMSX", "KEGA Fusion", "MESS"/"UME"

New computer system: Atari 400/800/XL. Supported emulators: "Atari800", "Atari800Win Plus", "Altirra", "Atari++", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - "Optionally", you can convert all your RAW ROMs from ".bin; .rom" to ".car" since this format also contains the cart type. You can do this directly in Atari800Win emulator ("Misc" / "Convert" / "ROM to CART" main menu)
 - Both cartridges AND executable files must be placed in cartridges folders. This is MANDATORY!
 - Atari++ Emulator need to run executable files (.xex and others ?) as floppy disks. EmuCon does that automatically  - For Atari 800 and Atari800Win emulators, the "-cart" parameter is MANDATORY and the "-cart-type" parameter is added automatically. For executable files (".xex"; ".com"; ".exe"; ".bas"), EmuCon replace the "-cart" parameter by "-run". You don't need to use a second parameters

New console system: Arcadia 2001. Supported emulators: "WinArcadia", "MESS"/"UME"

New handheld system: Tiger Supported emulator: "MESS" / "UME"

New computer system: Apple II. Supported emulators: "AppleWin", "JACE: Java Apple Computer Emulator", "MESS"/"UME"
IMPORTANT: for JACE emulator you must create a "jace.bat" file and select that as your emulator filename. See \docs\special_rules\Apple II.rtf" file for more details

New computer system: Apple IIGS. Supported emulators: "KEGS32", "GSport", "MESS"/"UME"
- KEGS32 and GSport support multiple disk games. Just select all disks of the same game and hit ENTER key (or use games popup menu)

New console system: Neo-Geo CD. Supported emulators: "NeoRaine", "Raine", "MESS"/"UME", "Nebula"
Important note: Nebula emulator can only run games mounted on a virtual drive!!!

New computer system: Amstrad CPC. Supported emulators: "WinAPE", "Arnold CPC Emulator", "WinCPC", "CPCEMU", "CPCE", "Caprice32", "MESS"/"UME"
 Important notes:
 - WinAPE emulator can only load games by manually editing "winape.ini". EmuCon does that for you
 - WinAPE emulator support multiple disk games. Two disks maximum and you can swap disks between drive A and B (emulator hotkey)
 - To load cassette tapes, you must type special commands (search the internet for more info):
 - EmuCon support multiple disk games only with WinAPE emulator
 - "WinCPC", "CPCEMU", "CPCE", "Caprice32" emulators do not support games in cartridges
 - To load floppy disks, most emulators require manual loading with following commands (search the internet for more info):

New handheld system: PlayStation Portable (PSP). Supported emulators: "PPSSPP", "JPCSP: Java PSP Emulator"
The "Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins" is a super mega ultra awesome version, I LOVE it!!!
- Important notes:
- to use JPCSP Java emulator, you must have Java Runtime update 7 installed (either 32-bit or 64-bit Java Runtime)
- You MUST select JPCSP's .bat files (loader) as your emulator filename in Emulator Setup screen to load the emulator: "start-windows-x86.bat" or "start-windows-amd64.bat"
- EmuCon passes the REQUIRED "-u "%s" -r" parameters to JPCCSP, but you can add more parameters supported by the emulator
Do NOT edit those .bat files unless you know what your doing!

New console system: Philips CD-i. Supported emulators: "CD-i Emulator", "MESS"/"UME"

Added setting "Dark Font Selection Bar" for those who want to use a while font in games list

version 2.4.3 change log - February 09, 2013


Application crashes if you have game file names that use semicolon (;). This char was used by games list files in EmuCon as a "end of line" to extract game info details. See the first entry in "Changed" section for more info


Replaced semicolon char (;) in games list files by the " ¬ " special char to avoid application crashes. Some games use semicolon char in their filenames... Japan games and maybe others
- your current games list files (\games\*.ec") are automatically updated on the first run. You don't need to do anything
- Emu Loader will also suffer the same change...


A few minor tweaks





version 2.4.2 change log - January 29, 2013


Select emulators to use (Emulators button in tool bar buttons). If the "Mount with Daemon Tools" option was being used for a system, none of the emulators were selected, making EmuCon crash or set an invalid index

Mouse scroll was not working to scroll games list on a fresh install, after creating games lists (thanks DMala)

Selecting the same game over and over with mouse was reload all temporary vars and screenshots at every mouse click


Some icons updated in "ec_icons"folders

Minor interal updates


If the chosen emu filename is not listed in "emulator_parameters.ini", EmuCon will try to get an approximate filename so parameters can be filled (Emulator Setup screen). Thanks DMala for the suggestion...




"UME: Universal Machine Emulator" entries added into "emulator_parameters.ini". I assume the console parameters are the same as MESS

Support to show multiple systems in games list (Systems filter tool bar button). You can have multiple systems in games list now:
- settings are stored in a new "[Games Filters]" section in EmuCon.ini
- unavailable systems are always set as visible to avoid crashes and errors
- selection works the same as in Windows Explorer... hold "Ctrl" (or "Shift") key down to select multiple systems
- single filter selection is still supported

version 2.4.1 change log - January 25, 2013


Added "mess64" and "snes9x-x64" emulators filenames support in "emulator_parameters.ini". I forgot about the 64-bit versions completely...

Minimize frontend when running games was showing a tiny EmuCon window at desktop's bottom instead of hiding it


Setting "Show Full Command Line" is enabled by default. Better suited on a fresh install and for new EmuCon users






New feature: "Play Game With Associated Application"
With this you can play games without selecting emulators in the frontend. All you need to do is associate your "unzipped" games files in Windows with the application of your choice.
- The associated application is read from Windows registry and the command line cannot be customized in EmuCon
- To use it, you need check "Play With Associated Emulator" setting in games popup menu (mouse right-click). This is a ON/OFF switch. You must enable this for each system, but only need to do that once.
- To play games with associated applications, use mouse double-click on press the ENTER key on selected game
- You can still run games using selected emulators (emulator setup screen), by using the games popup menu (mouse right-click) and selecting "Play With Emulator 1 or 2"

version 2.4 change log - January 24, 2013


Proper support for 64-bit operating systems, fixing a truck-load of bugs and crashes

PC Engine ISO games could not be used at all due to a coding mistake on the search files function

Many visual bugs fixed by replacing labels, bars, buttons, checkboxes, etc

Scale2x filter was not being applied to title snapshots

Function "GetGamesFiles" was including folders as file names (create games list feature)

Game file size info was corrupted for files larger than 1 GByte, specially on 64-bit operating systems

Functions "CheckTotal" and "CheckTotalVisible" were not working on 64-bit operating systems at all

Manually editing "Emulator Executable" (edit box) in "Emulators Screen" was not updating internal variables

Emulator parameters were not being correctly loaded when selecting systems (Emulator Setup screen)... shame on me!

Default emulator to use was not being set after selecting emulators in "Emulators Setup" screen

Game preview snaps were being loaded twice at startup


Only 32-bit icons are supported from now on. If you're using WinXP with themes disabled, icons will look ugly

Main menu removed and added as a button in the buttons tool bar (first button)

Setting "Create a New List" moved to the systems selection window. Easier to check/uncheck when creating games lists
Enabling this option deletes the current games file. Disable it to add new games to an existing games list

Last played games (MRU) now updates correctly. Also, other changes/fixes:
- Latest played games are now added at the top
- No more duplicates. If a game is already in the list, it's moved to the top
- Games List do not reload if selecting the same system (MRU selection screen)
- Media type is added for each game, to display the proper icon
- No more crash if the list is empty
- Lists are stored on a separated file called "mru.ini" for easier access and maintenance. Old lists from EmuCon.ini are automatically parsed and updated to the new file... no manual action required :)

Snapshots folder selection moved from preferences screen to its own screen. Main purpose is... to abort changes. Access in "Images" main menu (first tool bar button) or images popup menu (mouse right-click)

Message boxes are now using the OS "Application.MessageBox()" function, except for the "Run Game" confirmation dialog, which is customized


User interface updated. Don't worry... no gradient backgrounds, glowing texts or glass buttons!

Source code updates, optimizations and clean-ups

Replaced open/save file dialogs by Windows native dialogs. Proper dialogs are displayed on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Replaced the "Lanczos" resampler filter by "Hermite". It's a bit faster and it doesn't do "over-sharpening" like Lanczos, plus it looks better (no noise or phantom pixels added to the image)


The following files are no longer needed ("images" folder): "msgbox_bottom.png", "msgbox_bottom_border_left.png", "msgbox_bottom_border_right.png", "textbar.png", "topbar.png"

CRC32 routines are not used for anything. Functions removed from source code

Default settings for "z26" emulator (Atari 2600) is no longer needed since you can setup this emulator directly

Setting "Force Quotes in Command Line" no longer needed. Quotes are always added to the command line anyway

Setting "Stretch Larger Image Only" since it never worked right anyway... and I never received any bug reports on it


Popup menus (mouse right-click) for games list, preview snapshots and image splitters

Support all image file formats for Dolphin emulator (Wii and GameCube)

A file "emulator_parameters[default].ini" is available as a backup, so you can restore original parameters for all emulators

New system: "Nintendo DS". Only zipped game files are supported. Supported emulator: "DeSmuME":

Games popup menu, to quickly select which emulator you want to play a game with (mouse right-click). If the game uses a disc image, you can also choose the option to mount images on a virtual drive... the last selected options sticks :)
NOTE: The "Emulator" screen ("Emulator" button in main tool bar buttons) is still supported if you want to select emulators for all systems at once

Option to delete snapshot of selected game (images popup menu). Unzipped only

Support for Daemon Tools. EmuCon can now mount/unmount CD/DVD images on-the-fly for emulators that support it
- All emulators that can run CD games (or CD images) are supported
- This only works for "Disc Image" media type (no cartridges or real discs)
- Settings located in the new [Daemon Tools] section, "emulator_parameters.ini" file. Change settings as needed in "Emulator Setup" screen
- To enable/disable mouting images, select a game and call its popup menu (mouse right-click)
- Other virtual drive utils might work, if they can mount/unmout images using command line parameters

Added .bat and .cmd file types support for the "Emulator Executable" in "Emulator Setup" screen (requested)

Added a new system by request: "PC Engine CD"
- Cards are also supported... you never know
- There's a new [Move CD Games to "PC Engine CD"] menu item in "Games" main menu. Use this to update "" and move CD games from "PC Engine" system to the new "PC Engine CD" system (system index is different now). It's done automaticcaly in the first app run, but if you need to update it manually, you can use this option...
- CD games are not supported in "PC Egnine" system anymore

Support for a new image category: "Box Art". Set folder for each system in the new screenshot folder settings screen (snaps popup menu or "Images" main menu)

Snapshot Layouts feature. Similar to Emu Loader, you can view three images at the same time. There are 8 layouts to choose from.
- access in the new images tool bar buttons
- customization is not available as I want to keep EmuCon simple and fast... bottom line is: choose a layout and stick with it

Support for zipped images is finally here! Filenames are: "" for game snapshots, "" for title snapshots, "" for box arts
- all three zip files must be placed on "game snapshots" folder, for each system
- for best speed use a low compression profile
- if you're only using zipped images, there's no need to select folders for title snapshots or box arts

Load images using threads. Enable this feature for faster images loading. Great speed-up when using tripple image layouts and zipped images. Settings is in the new images tool bar buttons. This also improves the lag when scrolling the games list.
For unzipped images, speed improvement is negligible

version 2.3 change log - May 31, 2011


Relative path of games list's background image was not being correctly detected

Access violation when enablind/disabling games list's background image


Main screen buttons toolbar is now bound to the games list panel


Screen "Add/Remove Disc Games" re-write.

Tweaks in user interface

Updated frontend's startup and quit processes, and removed unnecessary code


Support for Mike's VirtualTreeView component is 100% gone


New system: Nintendo Wii (Dolphin emulator only!)

New toolbar filter: game title filter
Type any text and only games that contain that text will be displayed :)

New tiles view mode (first main tool bar button)

version 2.2 change log - June 02, 2010


Enter key not working to run games

Compatibility with Windows 7 updated

Add sub-folders was not adding any folders ("Emulator Setup" screen)


Several interface updates taken from Emu Loader

Documentation updated


Sort direction for all columns are saved/restored at startup (general, not for each system)


Some deprecated functions

Major source code cleanup

Support for the Portuguese Brazil language is no longer needed


Screenshot filter: "Scale 2x"

Partial support for Mednafen emulator (PC Engine / Turbo Grafix system):
- Support for .cue files to run CD images. If the .cue file is found (exact same name as .bin/other_extension file) it will be used instead of the actual image file.
NOTE: This feature is automatic and there's no way to turn it off. It will work ONLY for Mednafen and ONLY if the emulator executable is "mednafen.exe". This was a request from "geoslake" user (EL's forum). So, if you want to run the actual image file directly, remove the .cue file from the games folder
WARNING: Do not, I repeat... do NOT add the .cue or .bat extensions to valid extensions in "file_extensions.ini" file!

version 2.1 change log - May 13, 2008


Vista taskbar / Vista Flip3D previews now show correctly when the front-end is minimized... yay!

Bug that did not always minimized the front-end when running games (when feature is enabled)

A few minor bugs




Code clean-ups




New language support, "Portuguese (Brazil)"
This is hard-coded into the front-end and NO OTHER languages will be added! This is for my personal use

version 2.0 change log - April 23, 2008


Error when loading image background in treeviews and listviews if file does not exist

Some "non-game" file extensions being added as games, usually for disc images

Disc images games were not working! EmuCon was not loading the correct media type...

Some docs files were outdated

Memory leaks when creating games lists

Endless loop making EmuCon freeze or generate an access violation when emulator entry was empty in "Emulator Setup" screen




Some code optimizations and clean-ups


Input box screen, not used anymore


New file: "file_extensions.ini" so you can manually add any file extension you do not want EmuCon to detect for cartridges and extensions for disc images you want EmuCon to detect, when creating games lists