December 11, 2017 [version 8.3.6 released]
    Can this frontend get any better ? No, it cannot.
A couple bug fixes and initial work on the media type expansion. Currently, Emu Loader assign ROM or CHD media type for arcade games.

    Some changes have been made to Last Played Games (MRU) feature.

Please read the change log for more details.

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December 05, 2017 [version 8.3.5 released]
    More... more... more... MORE...!
Bug fixes and a couple changes to the Systems Quick Filter. You can disable this filter directly in the quick filter dialog by using the new Reset To Default button. Or by clicking the Apply button in Machine Types / Systems full filter.

Please read the change log for more details.

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December 04, 2017 [version 8.3.4 released]
    Some oopsies, I've made!
More bug fixes and a new feature: Systems Quick Filter. Why ? To select a single system for the game list in the Machine Type / Systems filter can drive you coo coo crazy. There are tons of settings and systems to uncheck there.

    Systems quick filter is here to make your life easier. All you need to do is select one or more systems and click the apply button. It's like magic! :)
It will overwrite the settings from Machine Type / Systems filter without changing any of its settings... you're welcome.

    There are two state icons for this tool bar filter. One with a green stripe meaning the filter is enabled/active and another one with a red stripe telling you the filter is disabled. There is no extra activation option for this filter. Either the Machine Type / Systems is active or the Systems Quick Filter is active. Very easy to use.
And the current active filter is restored on a frontend restart. The MAME Machines Filter Panel feature is disabled when Systems Quick Filter is active though. This is to prevent games filtering errors if the MAME system is not selected.

The uptobox links in downloads page have been removed. I need one thousand downloads for a single point. Absolutely insane, not worth the trouble.

Please read the change log for more details.

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November 29, 2017 [version 8.3.3 released]
    And the updates keep coming... :)
This one have a few bugfixes related to console/computer/handheld games lists.

    MEGA links are no more. You cannot rely on MEGA these days, since they've implemented a darn daily quota, making it impossible to download files.

You may also notice a little "award" link at the bottom of the downloads page. Thank you Softpedia!

Since I have a UpToBox premium account, there are alternative links from this server in the downloads page. If you can, please download EL updates from UpToBox links. I will add points to my account. This is just an experiment as it seems you need 1000 (one thousand) download hits so they can award you 1 (one) tiny point...

Please read the change log for more details.

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November 27, 2017 [version 8.3.2 released]
    New update with new category filters (misc arcade filters tool bar button). You need category.ini or catver.ini to use these filters.

Please read the change log for more details.

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November 26, 2017 [version 8.3.1 released]
    First update with some bug fixes related to the thumbnails view, making the frontend crash. Thanks to Fabian... again, for stumbling into this bug!
From this version forward, I will no longer upload the full package on every new update.

    If you didn't get v8.3 already, do it and then download this update. This way, I can post updates a lot quicker.
More frequent releases is good for everyone, even if they fix a tiny insignificant bug. Call them beta builds, if you will. I might need to change the downlods page to handle more files.

Please read the change log for more details.

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November 24, 2017 [version 8.3 released]
    Greetings, fellow earthlings! Avert your eyes from everything else you're doing and read every word of this long news post like you really mean it... :)
Happy birthday. One year without updates. What changed ? All 65 systems and all features from EmuCon frontend are now in Emu Loader. You don't need two separate frontends anymore. It's my dream come true! Seriously, it took 2 years and a lot of rewriting to make it happen.
Since EL is not exclusive to arcade emulators, the logo changed to Multiple Systems Frontend.

    Many thanks to Fabian Leonel for helping me these past months with beta tests . Without your help, Emu Loader wouldn't be anywhere near ready for a public release.
Windows 10 compatibility has also improved, thanks to Fabian help.

    MAME and arcade emulators/games lists are no longer a requirement to use Emu Loader. You can have a couple computer systems like MSX and Amiga, and nothing else. Like in EmuCon, you can use 4 emulators per system and 2 execution parameters per emulator.

    There aren't many changes on the arcade side, but there are tons of bug fixes and tweaks. Added support for latest MAME, DemulSupermodel 3 emulators and several files/folders were moved to the \arcade\ folder. Read instructions at the end of this post.

    The minimum Supermodel 3 emulator version required is now SVN 592. You can use older builds but they might not be compatible with EL v8.3. If you haven't updated this emulator, I recommend you do so. Latest Supermodel 3 SVN builds are much better.
    There's a minor fix for ZiNc. The media type of <disk entries were detected as Hard Disk Drive when the correct type is Disc. To fix this you need to create ZiNc games list again. This is just a cosmetic fix, not doing so will cause no harm in the way ZiNc games are handed... it's up to you.

    Added merged tag support for latest Demul v0.7 WIP (November 11, 2017). Clone games show parent game file tags in Game Details screen. You must create Demul games list again to rebuild the ROMs database in the frontend. Not doing so will cause no harm in the way Demul games are handled... again, it's up to you.

    One of the important changes is that favorites profiles have changed. You must update your fav profiles to the new EL v8.3 format before adding new games to it. There's a new Update Favorites Profiles item in main menu you can use. Make sure you update EmuCon fav profiles with EmuCon v2.7.6 or v2.7.7 as well before updating EL fav profiles!
    This process will merge favorite profiles of EmuCon and Emu Loader if files have the same name. There is a detailed tutorial on how to do this update in eldir\docs\How To Use EmuCon Files With Emu Loader.rtf file.
Don't wanna update fav profiles ? No problem. The content of current profiles will not be recognized by the frontend.

    On the console/computer/handheld side, if you have a working EmuCon install, you can copy games lists files and config files directly into Emu Loader. Read the .rtf file mentioned above for instructions. Don't worry, it's easy.
    Games from EmuCon can have the game info split into game title, year, manufacturer, number of players. To do that, use the new Games Editor in main menu Console/Computer. This data doesn't alter games list files. They are saved in eldir\console_computer\games_extra_data\system_name.txt and loaded into the list. If you re-create games list, the extra game info will not be lost.
    You can also assign MAME software lists to console/computer/handheld systems (EmuCon) and use the arcade MAME executable to run EmuCon games. You can modify the assignments when a new MAME comes out using the new Systems Editor in main menu Console/Computer. This way you will be able to select ANY MAME machine compatible to the assigned software list to play EmuCon games... endless possibilities.

    Thumbnails view customizer got a facelift. You can preview the results before applying to the main games list. Resize thumbnail cell's width and height,
enable/disable icons and game title.
Games custom fonts was also updated. You can preview all systems at once on screen, if you have a high resolution monitor. Recommended resolution is 1680x1050 or higher. 4K resolution is also supported (3840x2160).

    Video Preview Settings was removed from preferences screen into its own dialog. There's a new cancel button to abort changes in case you make a mistake. Access is in main menu Images or images popup menu.
Make sure to read eldir\docs\How To Use EmuCon Files With Emu Loader.rtf file for insttructions on how to merge the contents of videopreview.ini file from both Emu Loader and EmuCon.

Dialogs Image Category Settings and Image Layout Settings were split into two dialogs.

    EmuCon feature Last Played Games ported to Emu Loader and expanded. Added support for arcade systems, including MAME software list games. This feature is in preliminary stages and it will be expanded further.

    One cool change is the new mega Machine Types + Systems Filter. I'm particularly proud of this one. All machine types and available systems are listed in this dialog. A great improvement is the addition of a check box on each listed system. If you select the all systems filter, the checked state of individual systems will not be lost! Accessible in the main tool bar buttons, next to view mode button.
The machine type filter and arcade systems filter buttons are no more, replaced by this new mega filter!

    Many dialogs and screens now require a minimum of 1024x768 or 1280x720 resolution. Lower resolutions are still partially supported. Remember that Emu Loader is a Windows application to be used with a high resolution monitor. Low res CRT TV. Arcade cabinets ? This frontend was not built for them...

    Some files and folders must be manually moved before you can use EL v8.3. Arcade stuff are now in the \arcade\ folder. You must do this manually, to avoid this procedure executing EVERY time you load the frontend and waste precious CPU cycles... and a few seconds!
Let's assume the frontend's root folder is eldir\

Move the following files from eldir\ini_files\ to eldir\arcade\

Move the following files from eldir\ini_files\ to eldir\arcade\filters

Move all arcade games list files (*.el; *.elstatus; *.elrom; *.miss; *system_name*.ini) from eldir\arcade\ to eldir\arcade\games\
... or just delete all arcade lists and create arcade games lists from scratch.

There are new arcade XML databases. They are located in eldir\arcade\db_xml\
Make sure to delete the outdated files from eldir\ folder.

Move folder eldir\emulator_ini\ to eldir\arcade\emulator_ini\

Move folder eldir\ini_files\memcard_lastused\ to eldir\arcade\memcard_lastused\

    Alright, enough is enough. You can load Emu Loader now. Remember to check out the change log for a complete list of changes. If you have any problems, please post a message in the message board instead of sending me e-mails. This way I won't be bombarded with the same bug reports and other users will be able to see them too.

Please read the change log for more details.

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November 26, 2016 [version 8.2.9 released]
    Bugs, bugs, bugs... bugs!
A couple more fixes. Internet game info crashing the frontend and the inability to detect source .ini files due to cough! bad coding cough! in games popup menu.
I advise everyone to update to v8.2.9 if you create custom settings for games/drivers.

May The Schwartz Be With You!

Please read the change log for more details.

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